ACP-30 12hp Electro-Ethanol Chiller System


There is no other chilling system quite like it.  With it’s unique twin unit compressor rig the HX Box can cool 30 gallons of ethanol from 20c to -40c in 30 minutes. The same unit can be configured to do 160 gallons from 20c to -20 in 1 hour.



Process Side Exchange (HX Box)

This ACP-30 chills 30 gallons of ethanol from ambient 72° F to -40° Fin under 30 min. The chiller comes with predefined mechanical set points. Unless it is special ordered we do not allow clients to alter temperature settings. Both the heat exchanges and the Perma Flow Pumps motor are UL listed.

Dual Compressors – 12HP

12hp of two combined 6hp compressors working together to bring you power and reliability. We have our units operational everywhere from the Mojave desert to the colder parts of Canada. Outdoor rated and UL listed enclosure meets all local and federal building code requirements.

Chilling Vessel

The Chilling Vessel holds the ethanol that’s being processed down to -40° F The ethanol cycles out of the vessel, through the chiller, back into the vessel until it reaches temp.


The FluxBox component is an advanced refrigerant management system for enhanced system efficiency and durability.

PLC Controls

Introducing PLC controlled automation. Fully UL listed system using top of the line hardware. Runs your system safe and efficiently. Allows for 24/7 monitoring – we will know of a problem before you do. Displays temperature and functional information – keeping your system optimized to
maximum efficiency.


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