Electro-Ethanol Chiller

Heater Exchange (HX) Box

Utilizing direct cooling, the ethanol exchanges heat with the refrigerant in a single stage cooling system. No hassle and loss of efficiency dealing with a coolant being pumped in and out of your C1D2 control area. Harness the power of direct refrigerant cooling inside the lab, while the heat is removed and exhausted outside of the building.

The heat exchange box operates within the confines of the C1D2 control area. The system design keeps the exhaust components outside of the building. Creating a minimal indoor footprint and provides the highest performance right next to the ethanol extractor.

Dual Compressors

12hp, 16hp, and 20hp options available – these redundant compressors make the EEC system powerful and reliable. During normal operation the system splits the load equally between the two compressors – if one of the compressors falter the other will compensate and keep the entire system running. We have run these compressors in every environment from the Mojave desert to the colder parts of Canada.

Our powerful Industrial independent remote compressor units are the highest efficiency/reliability in their class. Their Outdoor rated UL listed enclosure meets all local and federal building code requirements. These units provide a winning combination of high quality, easy serviceability, increased flexibility and greatly improve efficiency for even lower long-term operating costs.

Automation Controls

Introducing PLC controlled automation. Fully UL listed system using top of the line hardware. Runs your system safe and efficiently. Allows for 24/7 monitoring – we will know of a problem before you do. Displays temperature and functional information – keeping your system optimized to maximum efficiency.

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