ACP 16HP-EXT Electro-Ethanol Chiller System


There is no other chilling system quite like it.  With it’s unique twin unit compressor rig the HX Box can cool 30 gallons of ethanol from 20c to -40c in 30 minutes. The same unit can be configured to do 160 gallons from 20c to -20 in 1 hour.



Process Side Exchange (HX Box)

The EXT 16HP can chill 40 gallons of ethanol from ambient 72F to -40F in under 30min. The user can adjust the temperature of the unit to their desired set point. An industry first “Cleaning mode” allows the user to heat and cycle the ethanol cleaning the process side at the touch of a button. The process side HXBox components are C1 D7.

Dual Compressors – 16HP

16hp redundant compressors make the EEC system powerful and reliable. During normal operation the system splits the load equally between the two compressors – if one of the compressors falter the other will compensate and keep the entire system running. We have run these compressors in every environment from the Mojave desert to the colder parts of Canada.

Our powerful Industrial independent remote compressor units are the highest efficiency/reliability in their class. Their Outdoor rated UL listed enclosure meets all local and federal building code requirements. These units provide a winning combination of high quality, easy serviceability, increased flexibility and greatly improve efficiency for even lower long-term operating costs.

Chilling Vessel

The Chilling Vessel holds the ethanol that’s being processed down to -40° F. The ethanol cycles out of the vessel, through the chiller, back into the vessel until it reaches temp.

PLC Controls

Introducing PLC controlled automation. Fully UL listed system using top of the line hardware. Runs your system safe and efficiently. Allows for 24/7 monitoring – we will know of a problem before you do. Displays temperature and functional information – keeping your system optimized to maximum efficiency. Includes temperature control and industry first “Cleaning cycle”.


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